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Closing an all-paper chart practice of over twenty years is a daunting task, and I had no idea where to begin until MedRecords stepped in and guided the whole process.

Dr. Joan Kam, Family Physician, Burnaby, BC


I was really dreading organizing my retirement. MedRecords made it simple, seamless, and secure.

Dr. Philip Zack, Family Physician, Vancouver, BC

  • Retire from practicing
  • Transfer your practice location
  • Close your practice

The process can be complex and at times even overwhelming. MedRecords simplifies it for you and will store your EMR or Paper records. From patient notifications, to providing you a clinic closure guide, we ensure a smooth transition for you and your patients.

Endorsed by Doctors of BC, MedRecords has become one of Canada's leading medical record storage solution for physicians looking to close their practice.

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MedRecords will store and distribute all your requested medical records transfer.

Freeing up your valuable time.

If required, MedRecords will coordinate your patient notification to ensure you fulfill College compliance.

Endorsed by Doctor of BC, join 1000's of physicians to be part of the industry's change to help put patients first.


MedRecords is a non-profit association dedicated to protecting physicians and their practices by providing an affordable solution for patients. MedRecords was established in Vancouver, British Columbia, with the aim of lowering costs and making medical record transfers faster and more secure for patients and health care professionals.

MedRecords has evolved into BC's leading medical record storage system, backed by unprecedented endorsement from Doctors of BC. It replaces uncertainty and high costs of physical storage with respect for veteran medical professionals and an ongoing commitment to patients beyond physicians' retirement or clinic closure.

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