Securely Store Your Archival Records with Ease

MedRecords assists physicians by securely storing unused medical records: Paper, EMR, CD's and

hard-drive. We manage your transfers and guarantee adherence to College Guidelines.

Endorsed by Doctors of BC, MedRecords has become one of Canada's the leading medical record storage solution.

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I really appreciate the efficient, competent, and friendly staff at MedRecords. I recommend this company as the best choice for patient record storage.

Dr. Margaret KrawchukFamily Physician, Delta, BC


MedRecords is an ideal storage solution for physicians and specialists wanting to store their records long term.

Dr. Eva Risling, Specialists, Enderby, BC

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Gain Peace of Mind & Save Time

Hassle- Free Record Transfer

You're Protected

Be part of the change

Let MedRecords handle your medical records transfer, freeing up your valuable time.

Ensure College compliance, protect yourself against legal risks, and avoid sudden data loss.

Endorsed by Doctor of BC, join 1000's of physicians to be part of the industry's change to help put patients first.


MedRecords is a non-profit association dedicated to protecting physicians and their practices by providing an affordable solution for patients. MedRecords was established in Vancouver, British Columbia, with the aim of lowering costs and making medical record transfers faster and more secure for patients and health care professionals.

MedRecords has evolved into BC's leading medical record storage system, backed by unprecedented endorsement from Doctors of BC. It replaces uncertainty and high costs of physical storage with respect for veteran medical professionals and an ongoing commitment to patients beyond physicians' retirement or clinic closure.

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