Is this Service for You?

MedRecord’s Office Practice Closure Service applies to:

  • Physicians who are planning to and have not yet closed their practice.
  • Physicians who are not passing on their records to another physician
  • Medical records will be requested by patients
  • Physician’s estate in the case that the physician is unable to continue their practice or suddenly passes away.

This is a free of charge service. Through record retrieval, MedRecords is able to re-coup costs for scanning by patients who are charged a minimal fee.

If your medical records are not typically requested by patients please refer to our Storage Services.


Estimate Your Price:

This service is free of change and includes banker boxes, patient notification, and pick-up. There are no charges associated with this service and physicians are strongly recommended to sign-up for this service at least six months prior to office closure.

MedRecords is endorsed by the Doctors of BC. With the endorsement of Doctors of BC, MedRecords aim to standardize this industry and help increase the quality of health care in Canada. For more information, please refer to our Doctors of BC page.

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How it Works:

Once you sign up for the Office Practice Closure Service:
  • We provide access to a Practice Closure Guide.
  • We coordinate a mail-out to notify patients that your clinic is coming to a close.
Pick up is coordinated along with empty banker boxes (should you need it). MedRecords will scan and store them for a minimum of 35 years. For more details on scanning, please refer to our Scanning Services.
For physicians with a combination of paper records and electronic records (EMR), your paper records are digitized and combined with your electronic records.
MedRecords will coordinate the transfer of complete records to any requesting patient or physician.

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