Endorsed by Doctors of BC

A Supported Solution

With the endorsement of Doctors of BC, MedRecords aim to standardize this industry and help increase the quality of health care in Canada. MedRecords provides a secure solution where both the physicians and their patients benefit.

Below is a FAQ list created together with Doctors of BC and MedRecords.

FAQ for Physicians

How does MedRecords business model compare with for-profit records services?

MedRecords is an association providing records management services for physicians through a non-profit business model. MedRecords primarily seeks to cover its operating costs by charging reasonable fees for patient records requests. If the physician’s practice type is one that typically generates a significant number of requests for records, the records fees are enough to cover MedRecords costs, and there is no cost to the physician.

In scenarios where the physician’s practice type generates few patient requests for medical records (ie. most specialties), MedRecords is unable to recoup its costs through patient record request fees. Consequently, there is a small one-time charge to those physicians. MedRecords’ non-profit business model allows the one-time charge to be 70% – 80% less than charges for comparable services through for-profit records services.

What is the cost to MedRecords for scanning a physician’s records and then storing the scanned records for the next 16 to 35 years?

MedRecords average cost for scanning a physician’s records and storing them for the next 16 to 35 years is approximately $4,000. This also includes the initial costs related to pick-up, delivery and handling.

Is this service subsidized by Doctors of BC?

No, this service is not subsidized by Doctors of BC. Members identified a need for this service, and at the same time, Members indicated they did not want Members’ dues used to pay for it. Therefore, Doctors of BC has endorsed MedRecords, but is not providing any financial support.

What is Doctors of BC’s role with MedRecords?

Should MedRecords cease operations at any time in the future, Doctors of BC would take over custody of digitally stored records held with MedRecords at the time.

How does MedRecords ensure accuracy?

Scanning and archiving processes require a rigorous check for each medical file. Distribution of records upon patient request is equally scrutinized.

Who do I contact to find out more?

Members who choose MedRecords will have a direct relationship with the organization. Feel free to email MedRecords via their contact page.