FAQs for Patients

Patient FAQs

How long will it take?

This process depends on a number of factors.

One major factor depends on when the records are transferred to MedRecords. Doctors announce their retirement prior to sending MedRecords their files. As a result, patients may request copies before the records are physically transferred to MedRecords.

Another considerable factor is there are a number of third party vendors that have to assist the doctors in preparing the medical records for the transfer process to MedRecords. Certain records need to be converted into a storage format before they are sent to MedRecords. As MedRecords is not involved in this process, an accurate timeline cannot be provided.

Releasing records directly to your new doctor is the faster transfer process. There are additional legal steps that increase the timeline when records are released directly to patients or third parties.

We appreciate your patience during this process.

What happens next?

After you have submitted a chart request, you will receive an email with detailed instructions. At times, your request can take up to 30 business days to be processed.

Your medical records are either sent directly to you via Registered Mail Canada Post or sent directly to your new doctor. If the records are sent to you, you will be required to provide 2 pieces of Government Issued ID to Canada Post to retrieve your medical records. If clarification on Canada’s Post Registered Mail is needed, please contact Canada Post on this service: 1-866-607-6301.

Your credit card will be charged once the record is shipped.

If you do not pick up your medical records from Canada Post, you may be subjected to additional charges by MedRecords as agreed upon in the terms and conditions.

Can I request my records from multiple doctors?

Yes, you can request your records from multiple doctors. There is an additional charge per doctor’s record you request ($44.85-$85.95 depending on your doctor's original record format). You can do this by clicking on the (+) in the “Previous Doctor” section of our online request form.

Please note if multiple doctors work in the same clinic, usually a patient’s record is shared and therefore only requires one request. This is usually the case for walk-in clinics and share practices.

Why can’t I get my original chart?

In accordance with the College of Physicians and Surgeons British Columbia (CPSBC) Practices and Guidelines, physicians’ patient records must be stored, and arrangements must be made for patients to have access to copies. As per CPSBC, “Medical records (the actual documents) are not owned by patients but by the physicians who created them.”

MedRecords is legally bound to store all original documents and to distribute copies of behalf of your physician to prevent omission and alteration of medical records.

Why is there an additional charge to request my own copy of my records?

Medical Records are created for the sole use of physicians. For continuation of care these records need to be sent directly to your physician to avoid alterations. For this reason there are additional steps to ensure verification and security. Records are watermarked to reflect that the records were released to the patient and are also encrypted and sent through registered mail. You will be required to show government photo ID on pickup.

We highly encourage patients to find a new physician and have MedRecords transfer their medical records directly to the new physician. It is a lower-cost and the transfer process is quicker.

How much does it cost?

MedRecords is legally bound to hold the original records for 35 years. Because of this, there are costs involved with the safety, security and storage of your records.

At MedRecords, we understand how important these records are to your health and safety. Thus, to transfer your records to your new doctor pricing starts as low as $44.85 and never exceeds of $85.95 per record. There are additional charges if you would like your records released directly to you. Please keep in mind that these records are for doctor use only, and we highly recommend sending to your new doctor. We also offer family rate discounts. Family members have to be at the same address and be able to provide government photo ID.

You can trust that doctors that use MedRecords care about your well being, and that we will always put patients first. In addition, there is a standardized shipping and handling fee for registered mail.

Where is my chart?

MedRecords confidentially stores medical records in temperature controlled secure facilities with off site backups. Access to chart copies will be provided quickly and efficiently.

Why don’t I understand my medical records?

Medical records are not written for those outside the medical profession. Please have your new attending physician answer any questions or concerns you may have.

I received my copy, why are some of my pages blank?

MedRecords, does double sided scanning with high definition scanners. Occasionally the scanners pick up imprints of the reverse side of the page. Please do not be alarmed by this, you are not charged for the blank pages.

I did not receive a confirmation email.

At times, email services may accidentally mark MedRecords’ emails as SPAM. Please check your SPAM or Junk folder as medical release form would have been sent.

Can I request a certified true copy of my medical record?

Yes, you can request a certified true copy via your lawyer. Please have them request a copy of your medical record through the Third Party Request form.