Is this Service for You?

MedRecords’ Medical Records Storage service is ideal for:

  • Physicians that already closed their practice
  • Physicians that will seldom receive any transfer requests

MedRecords will store and transfer your medical records as needed giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Typically this service is used by retired physicians or physicians that do not consistently see their patients on an ongoing basis.

Our scanning and storing service is more affordable and cost-effective than simply storing paper records. This service provides you with a stress-free retirement and offers your past patients with better care.

Estimate Your Price

There is no charge to store electronic records (EMR). We ask that all electronic records are transferred to us in PDF format. We store all records for a minimum of 35 years.

For paper records we only charge our one-time scanning fee. Our scanning fee is only $110.00-165.00 per banker box which depends on the volume and the location of the banker boxes.

Typically physicians located in the Greater Vancouver Area pay $121.00 per banker box. Our scanning fee is described further in our Scanning Service page.

  • MedRecords' Pricing
  • $110-165
  • Price Per Banker Box
  • Free for Electronic Records

How it Works

banker box of medical records
For paper records, MedRecords can provide empty banker boxes for you to pack your records or MedRecords can use the boxes your records are already packed in.
MedRecords will coordinate a pick-up. From here we will process, scan and electronically store your records.
For electronic records, MedRecords coordinate the transfer and storage of your records. There is no charge for storing electronic records. All electronic records must be transferred to MedRecords in PDF format.
Any patients, physician or third party that requires access to your records can request a copy via our website. MedRecords will coordinate this transfer process.

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