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Patient Request Form

**This form is for requesting your own medical records. If you’re a third party requestor, please refer to the Third Party Request Form.

Please Read:

In working directly with physicians, MedRecords has created a system that is efficient and more affordable. This process encourages patients to find a new physician which minimizes record transfer times and costs.

In order to complete the process of transferring your medical records, you will be required to provide the following information:

1. Your Personal Health Number (ie. Care Card Number)

2. Your NEW doctor’s name and full office address. You can find their new address via the CPSBC’s website

3. A valid credit card.
Your credit card is only charged when the record transfer is complete. Charges depend on the size of your record and range from $37.50 to $85 per record. Taxes and Canada Post Shipping are not included.